Feature Changes as of April 19, 2023

User Roles, Security Analyst Role Added

April 18, 2023: Customer Communication sent via email:

"This is to inform you that access to the Security Centre application in new Aeris connectivity portal will be limited to users with Admin and Security Analyst roles after April 19, 2023.

If your users find that they are no longer able to see the Security menu item in the new Aeris connectivity portal, please assign the appropriate role to the users using the Manage Users interface."

See also: User Roles and Responsibilities

MyReports Recent (Classic Portal) and Manual Reports (New Portal) Retained for 30 Days

Custom or ad-hoc reports that you create in AerPort have traditionally been retained for only 5 days. After 5 days, the report was still visible but it contained no data. Going forward, the retention date is increased to 30 days so that reports from last 30 days will be downloadable from the portal. AerPort will show only those reports which were created in the last 30 days.

This change applies to new reports generated going forward. Starting from April 19, 2023, existing reports that are older than 5 days will still have no data but will gradually disappear from the portal when they reach their 30 day time limit.


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