AerSight Limitations and FAQ

Q. What is the latency in streaming the IPFlow data to the GCP PubSub?

A. The maximum latency before an IPFlow is transferred is 25 minutes from the time the IPFlow is terminated.

Q. I use Neo. Can I subscribe to AerSight?

A. This feature is not yet available for Neo customers.

Q. Can IPStream data be used for reconciliation with Packet Session data?

A. No, IPStream data should not be used for reconciling with packet data. Packet session data includes additional overhead of setting up the GTP Tunnels which are not included in IPStream data. Additionally, billing data may include more complex rules related to rounding and pooling. Considering all these factors, we recommend not to do a reconciliation between these different data streams.

Q. How can I subscribe to PubSub?

A. If you wants to subscribe to a PubSub topic, you can follow the Google documentation. Refer to the following link for more information about subscribers:
Note: To subscribe for AerSight information, you need to complete the AerSight installation and provisioning process first. Then you can subscribe to the Pub Sub topic as per the requirement.

Q. What are the basic steps I should perform initially before calling Aeris customer support team if the provisioning script fails?

A. Please check the following items.

  1. The Service Account which will be used to execute the script must have the correct roles assigned.
  2. Ensure that no changes have been made in any of the script files or the folder of files.

Q. From where can the provisioning script be executed?

A. The script can be executed on a VM running in GCP or from the GCP cloud shell or on a laptop, provided the respective roles are granted to the Service Account / User Account being used.

Q. Can I uninstall or de-provision AerSight from my GCP environment?

A. Yes. Contact Aeris Support and they will assist you by running a API that will de-provision the AerSight resources in your GCP account. The GCS buckets, Pub Sub topic, and Pub Sub subscription will be deleted. The Data Flow will be stopped.

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