In order to access the Aeris APIs, your application needs to pass an API key to the Aeris server that hosts the interface. The key is a secret token specific to your account which identifies your application. It ensures only your application can use the Aeris API to perform device operations in your account.

Because the API Key is specific to your account and is requested for the operations on your devices, you must ensure that it is kept secret within your organization and that it is not shared with any other organization.

Your API Key can be found on the Account Information page in AerPort. Remember that only the Account Manager(s) of your account have access to this page.

If your level of access to the account is set to User and you need the API Key for your application, please ask your Account Manager.

If you are the Account Manager, finding and using the API Key is simple.

Step 1:

From the main menu of AerPort, click the Quicklinks > Manage API Key option.


Step 2:

When the API Key Management screen appears it displays the default master key for your account. This Key is valid for accessing all APIs to manage and work with your devices.


Step 3:

Copy the alphanumeric API Key in your application code. In this example, the API Key starts with 5b8659d …

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