Monthly Billing Reports and Invoice Overview

Aeris bills monthly for services and provides downloadable reports via AerPort within the first week of each month. This document provides an overview of the billing reports and how to access them.

Note: New billing cycles begin on the first of each month at 00:00:00Z and ends at 23:59:59.999Z on the last day of the month. Aeris completes billing within the first week of the following month. When billing is complete, Aeris sends your invoice via email. To access the remaining billing reports, you must navigate to the AerPort portal.

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The number and type of documents you receive each billing period depend on your deployed devices and the specific Aeris network services in use. The documents you receive may include some or all of the following:

Note: The following list ascends from the lowest level of detail to the highest.

  • Invoice: Summarizes the charges incurred for the billing period.
  • Invoice Detail Report: Provides details of each charge type from the invoice into the chargeable components of each rate plan.
  • Account Summary Report: Lists the device attributes, status, and traffic totals for all customer devices, independent of Global SIM technology.
  • Traffic Detail Reports: Provides activity records for each device over the course of the billing cycle.
    • SMS Report: Details all the SMS traffic sent during the billing period.
    • Packet Data Report: Details the packet data session traffic sent during the billing period.

Invoices are delivered as Adobe Portable Document Format (“PDF”) files and sent to the main customer account email. The remaining reports are ASCII text files with Comma/quotation Separated Values (“CSV”) content. Using CSV content enables you to open the reports in a variety of ways such as:

  • Spreadsheet programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel).
  • Text editors.
  • Data-processing programs.
  • Oracle or MySQL or other database.

Accessing Your Billing Documents

To access the billing reports:

Note: Any times and periods that appear in billing documents are specified in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and follow the ISO 8601 date-time format.

  1. Log in to the AerPort portal.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Reports.
  3. Select the MONTHLY REPORTS tab. This loads your reports for the previous month.
  4. (Optional) To view the monthly reports for a different month, click the REPORTS MONTH drop-down menu and select the month.

    Note: You can access billing documents from the last four months.

  5. Click the green download arrow next to the report you want to download. The download starts immediately.

    Note: In the AerPort portal, the invoice appears as a link titled invoice, followed by the invoice number (e.g. invoice_1234). The downloaded invoice file is named with your account number, underscore, and then the invoice number (e.g. 12345_1234).

Reading Invoices

Your invoice summarizes the quantities and charges for each type of service used by your devices each month. The invoice line items are organized by product type (Item) (e.g. LTE or GSM Global), and then by the service type (Description) (e.g., Data, SMS, Voice) or charge type (e.g. Access Fee). With each line item, the quantities in pricing, as well as the total categorical charges are provided. These numbers are aggregated across the whole account. The following image displays a simplified invoice for an example account.

Note: The line items shown on your invoice depend on the services to which you are subscribed and appear for only those that have non-zero quantities. Your actual invoice contains more information relevant to a formal invoice. See the sample invoice for an example of a formal invoice.

Note: Aeris has recently updated its nomenclature, replacing "GSM Global" with "Global SIM."

In the above example, there is a whole Quantity of 19 (for GSM Global - Access), likely resulting from 19 devices spending the entire month in a billable state. On your invoice, you may find quantities in whole or fractional numbers. Fractional numbers on access fees result from pro-rating. If a SIM enters a bill status partway through the month, it incurs only a portion of the month's access fee.

Sample Invoice

A sample invoice is shown below:

Note: The invoice provides the highest level of information regarding charges for your entire account. To examine the next layer of detail, see the Invoice Detail Report.

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