Bulk SIM cancellation using the AerPort portal

If you need to cancel multiple SIMs at the same time Aeris makes it easy for you to do this with the bulk device management feature. The procedure shown below shows you how to bulk cancel SIMs.

Click the Devices Tab within AerPort

Click "Advanced Search"


The default is "Any" for device status... you can change to any other state, as needed.

Device ID-> you can choose ICCID, MIN, MDN, MEID, ESN, etc based on your need.

Populate the text box with the device identifiers.


You can select the number of devices to display at one time on the screen.


Check the "select all" box next to the "Name" column.


Click "Actions" and select "Device status and traffic policy"


To Cancel the device completely, select the "Cancel" radio button.  You also have the option to suspend if you will be using the devices again in the future.  Consult your contract for any fees associated with suspending devices.


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