What is PING and why does it sometimes fail?

Ping functionality is used to check whether the device can be reached from the Aeris portal or not.  PING uses the ICMP protocol to test layer 3 (network) connectivity.  If a device is in a current session, the device will be assigned an IP address.  The PING command allows you to test connectivity to your devices from the Aeris platform.  When a PING is successful, it means the device is up and able to accept TCP/IP connections.

When a PING fails, there are several reasons.  The device may be offline or powered down.  The device may be up, but there may be a routing issue between the Aeris platform and the device.  There may be a port blocked on the device that isn't allowing PING to operate.  There are a number of reasons that PING may fail, if you are unable to PING your device consistently, you may need to open a ticket with Aeris by e-mailing support@aeris.net


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