Release Notes as of April 19, 2023

Assign Static IP and Remove Static IP Deprecated

The ability to assign or remove a static IP assignment from a SIM is removed effective April 19, 2023. You can still assign a static IP at the time of provisioning. However, the options to remove or assign static IP to existing provisioned SIMs via the API or UI are removed.

AerAdmin APIs Removed:

  • 6.4. Single Operation - Assign Static IP
  • 6.11. Bulk Operation - |Bulk Change Static IP|
  • 6.12B. Connectivity - Bulk Operation - |Bulk Change Static IP|
  • Device Management API (SOAP and XML). AerAdmin Single and Bulk Operations:
    AssignStaticIP and RemoveStaticIP

User Interface Features Removed:

  • Classic AerPort: Device Details, Edit device menu, Static IP
  • Classic AerPort: Device list, Actions menu or Actions icon, Static IP
  • New Portal: SIM Information, Settings tab, Static IP (remains visible but cannot edit)
  • New Portal: Manage SIMs, Actions menu, Static IP



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