Release Notes as of June 21, 2023

Reminder about Fusion NA SIM Cancellations

This is a reminder regarding cancelling Fusion NA SIMs. Refer to the SIM States article for details on SIM provisioning restrictions.

For Fusion NA SIMs, if you intend to use them again, you can use AerPort to provision or reprovision canceled SIMs within 45 days. Between 45 and 60 days, the SIM can still be recovered and provisioned, but only by calling Aeris Support. After 60 days, canceled Fusion NA SIMs are disabled and can no longer be provisioned. These SIMs remain in inventory but will return an error if you attempt to provision them.

Important: For SIMs that do not need service for more than 45 days and that you plan to reactivate in the future, Aeris recommends that you consider Suspending your Fusion NA SIMs instead of Cancelling your Fusion NA SIMs.

Contact Support if you need assistance with identifying your Fusion NA SIMs that will be disabled soon.


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