Feature Changes as of March 22, 2023

SIM Information, Reports Usage Types

The Reports tab of the SIM Information box is now enhanced to report on 5 different types of data: SMS, Data, Voice, Registrations, and Sessions.

SIM Activation, Application Type

When provisioning a SIM from AerPort, it is no longer a requirement to indicate the application type: Fixed or Mobile. This field no longer appears on the Activation page or the SIM Information, Settings page. 

Note that Application Type was already noted as optional in the provisioning APIs.

Security Dashboard

On the Security Dashboard:

  • The "Average Data per Device" widget is renamed to "Average Data Per Transaction."
  • The Security Risk Score is removed.

New Bulk Processor APIs

The documentation for the new APIs is expanded to provide examples of using the APIs with JSON.

Documentation for the new AerAdmin APIs is available here, under sections 6.12A - 6.12D.


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