Feature Changes as of February 22, 2023

Now Documented: New Bulk Processor APIs

New bulk processing APIs were created during the development of the New Portal. These APIs provide better status information and processing results. A transaction history file is created to provide number of items to be processed, items completed, items that were unable to be completed, as well as a clear description of rejections.

Documentation for the new AerAdmin APIs is now available here, under sections 6.12A - 6.12D.

Note that these new APIs use a different host name: connectivity.aerisapis.com. The equivalent legacy APIs are still available using the traditional host name: aeradminapi.aeris.com. Both sets of APIs will continue exist in the short term. Eventually, the equivalent legacy APIs will be retired, and the new APIs will be transitioned to use the traditional host name.

VPN Forms

For new customers, Aeris has updated the VPN forms necessary to connect your data center to Aeris. Refer to Access Data Services on the Aeris Network for an overview of the process. The VPN forms are available in the new portal under the Help menu.

Context-Sensitive Help

Each of the pages in the new portal now includes a question mark next to the title of the page. This icon directs you to the corresponding page in this online help system.

Advanced Search with Account Selection

For customers with a master account and sub-accounts, the Advanced Search dialog box, found by selecting SIMs, Manage SIMs in the new portal, now includes an option to search within one or more selected accounts.

Dashboard View Usage Graphs Updated

In the new portal, the View Usage graphs in the Dashboard now include legends to aid in understanding the data.

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