- Daily Usage Tab

The Daily Usage tab of the SIM Information box displays graphs showing the last 6 days of usage for each of your SIM's active services.

  1. Select Manage SIMs from the SIMs menu.
  2. Find the SIM you want to view in the SIM list and click it. The SIM Information box appears.
  3. By default, the Network tab is displayed.
  4. Click the Daily Usage tab.

In this article:

Viewing the Daily Usage Trend

From the Daily Usage tab, you can view the trend of SIM usage for three traffic types: data, SMS, or voice. The usage is displayed with a line graph. The graph shows the last 6 dates. Today's date is not included. No graph is shown if there is no traffic data available.

Click Data, SMS, or Voice to view the usage for each traffic type.

Optionally click the LTE box below the graph to toggle the view for this technology on or off.

To switch the view to a different SIM, do one of the following:

  • Enter the identifier in the Search for Device field. Then click the magnifying glass icon.
  • Close the SIM Information box. Then find the SIM you want to view in the SIM list and click it. Then click the Daily Usage tab.

Viewing the Daily Usage in a Report

When viewing the trend data on the Daily Usage tab, you can view the data in a report by clicking the graph icon. This action opens the Report tab and populates the report with a range of daily data usage. You can customize the range or export the data using the options on the Report tab.

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