Configure Access Point Names (APNs)

Now that your SIM card is provisioned and activated in the Aeris network, you must configure your device's Access Point Name (APN) to access data services. The APN is a reference to an IP address in the Aeris gateway (GGSN/P-GW), where your IoT device connects for data services. DNS is used to resolve the APN to the IP address of the Aeris gateway.

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What is an APN?

APN Diagram

Choosing an APN

The APN you should use depends on the following:
  • Your Aeris connectivity service.
  • The region where your devices will be used.
A summary of the APNs for your account were provided by your Aeris Account Representative in the welcome email. If you do not have access to the welcome email, you can always find the APN for any SIM in AerPort.

To find the APN:

  1. Click SIMs in the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the desired SIM. This opens the SIM INFORMATION window.
  3. Click the SETTINGS tab.
  4. Locate the Allowed APNs. This indicates which APN you should use to configure your device. In this example screenshot, it is

Note: You can also use AerPort search to jump to the SIM INFORMATION window from the Dashboard. Simply type the SIM identifier into the search field and click the search icon.


Connecting to the Modem via USB

Program APN - LTE

Program APN - 3G/2G

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