Activate SIMs for the First Time

Now that you have verified that your SIMs are in your SIM Inventory, you can activate the SIM(s) in your AerPort account.

Activating a SIM

To activate a SIM, you must first provision the SIM within the Aeris system. You can do this manually through AerPort or automatically using the Aeris APIs. Once your SIM is provisioned, it is network ready.

To activate a SIM through AerPort:
  1. In the left navigation menu, click SIMs > Activate SIMs.
  2. If you have multiple Aeris products, choose the product from the Product drop-down menu.
  3. Select the ICCID(s) you want to provision. The ICCID(s) you select are added to the ICCID box on the right side of the screen. Multiple ICCIDs are separated with commas.

    Note: You can click the gear icon to customize the headers in the SIMs table.

  4. Select the Service Profile from the drop-down menu. The Service Profile determines which network services are available to the SIM (e.g., Data, Voice, and SMS). The available service profile names are determined during the initial account setup.
  5. Select the Rate Plan that meets your requirements from the drop-down menu. The rate plans available for selection are determined during the initial account setup. If the rate plan you select is part of a pool, the device is automatically added to that pool.
  6. Click Configure Options. On this form, there are two required fields: Initial State and Reprovision. All other fields are optional. For first time provisioning, set Initial State to Provision and Reprovision to No. For descriptions of each field, see Activate SIMs.
  7. Click Activate.

Activating a Batch of SIMs

There are three methods to activate a large batch of SIMs:
  • Use a Data Upload File (TXT). This is a simple method where you use a text file containing SIM IDs. Only one product per file is allowed. In other words, put all your Global SIM IDs in one file and all your Fusion Global IDs in another file. Each file can contain up to 10,000 SIM IDs.
  • Use a Bulk Action File (CSV). This is a comprehensive method where you put all of the necessary IDs and attributes into a CSV file and then upload the file for bulk processing. Multiple products per file are allowed.
  • Use the API to automate the provisioning. See Bulk Operation - Bulk Device Provisioning

Activating a Batch of SIMs Using a Data Upload File (TXT)

Using the same screen as you used to activate one or more SIMs, you can activate a batch of SIMs using a data upload file. To obtain this file, you can do one of the following:
  • Use the original ICCID file Aeris provided along with your SIM purchase.
  • Create your own file.

Note: If you are activating SIMs for more than one product, such as Dual-Mode A-LH and Fusion NA, separate these SIM IDs into one or more files per product.

The upload file must meet the following constraints:
  • The file must be a text file, although you can give the file name any extension.
  • The file must contain a single SIM ID per line.
  • To provision multiple Global eSIM SIMs, the file must contain one EID per line.
  • To provision multiple Global SIM SIMs, the file must contain one ICCID per line.
  • To provision multiple LTE SIMs, the file must contain one ICCID per line.
  • The file can contain up to 10,000 SIM IDs.
To activate SIMs:
  1. Prepare the data upload file as described above.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click SIMs > Activate SIMs.
  3. On the right side of the screen under Activate Selected SIMs, select the correct product from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the radio button next to Select a file.
  5. Click Select a file and choose your file. When you select the file, AerPort reads the contents of the file and populates the SIM IDs into the ICCID box.
  6. Fill out the rest of the Activate Selected SIMs form with RAT Type (Fusion NA only), Service Profile, Rate Plan, and Configure Options fields. For information on those fields, see Activating One or More SIMs. The choices you make are applied to all SIMs in this batch.
  7. Click Activate to complete the task and then confirm if you want to provision the SIMs. An email is generated and sent to the email address that you used to log in.

    Note: For Fusion NA devices, provisioning is an asynchronous activity, so there may be a delay in seeing the device status update in AerPort.

Activating a Batch of SIMs Using a Bulk Action (CSV)

To activate SIMs using a bulk action:
  1. In the left navigation menu, click SIMs > Bulk Actions.
  2. Select Provision or Reprovision from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Download File. AerPort downloads a .ZIP file containing a CSV file template.

    Note: This template is also utilized in the API version of Bulk Device Provision.

  4. Fill out the CSV with with your SIM and device information. See the table of Activation, Provision, and Reprovision CSV Upload File Fields below for an explanation of the fields. See an example CSV here: Sample CSV Upload File.

    Note: If your CSV file contains blank lines, they are included in the count of SIMs to be provisioned. Therefore, it is best to remove blank lines from the upload file.

  5. From the Bulk Actions screen, click Select File.
  6. Find and select your CSV file and then click Upload.
  7. A Processing pop-up window appears. You can select another file to upload or click outside the box to close it without canceling the operation.
  8. A Cleaning pop-up window appears that indicates the number of processed SIMs and results.
  9. From the SIMs menu, select Transaction History to view the results.
  10. Click PROCESS FILE.
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