Feature Changes


What's in: New Portal

In this release of AerPort, Aeris introduced the New Portal to all users. By default, when you login, "Classic AerPort" is displayed by default. You can click the menu item "Try the New Portal" to gain access.

The New Portal presents AerPort's features using a freshly updated paradigm with menus along the left side of the screen. Aeris encourages users to use the new portal and provide feedback on any issues you encounter or suggestions you have to improve it.

Click Return to Classic AerPort to go back to the default AerPort dashboard.

See What is the New Portal? and Using the New Portal for further information.

What's out: CDMA

Support for the CDMA product ended on December 31, 2022. Customers will continue to see CDMA in their standard reports through the end of Q1, 2023. There is no support for CDMA in the New Portal.

Coming Soon: New Bulk Processor APIs

Documentation is in progress. The new APIs provide better status information and reliable processing results. A transaction history file is created to provide number of items to be processed, items completed, items that were unable to be completed, as well as a clear description of rejections.



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