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The Manual Reports tab of the Report Center displays a listing of recently generated custom reports. Each time you create a report from the Build tab, the report is stored automatically and is accessible to you from the Manual Reports tab.

  1. Select Reports from the left main menu.
  2. By default, the Build tab is displayed.
  3. Click the Manual Reports tab. The Manual Reports Archive appears.

In this article:

How Manual Reports Work

When you have a need for a customized set of information, use the Build tab to configure and generate the report as many times as needed to get the data in a format that suits your needs.

Each time you click Generate Report from the Build tab, a preview of the report is displayed immediately, and the full report is also saved automatically. It is then available for download from the Manual Reports tab.

Viewing the Manual Reports Archive

A list of recently generated custom reports is displayed once you click the Manual Reports tab.

Keep in mind:

  • You can sort the list on any of the column headings by clicking the arrow icon next to the column heading name.
  • A maximum of 100 of the most recent reports per account are listed.
  • Reports will be retained for 30 days. After 30 days, the report will need to be created again in order to obtain the data.
  • This list includes only recently generated reports using the Build tab. Recent Scheduled Reports can be downloaded from the Scheduled Reports tab.
In the following example, a report of type "Account Traffic Cost Summary" was generated twice on January 4.

Downloading Manual Reports

Next to each report in the Manual Report listing is a download icon. Click the icon to download the full report in CSV format.

Selecting Columns

You can choose to hide certain columns or show additional columns by using the wheel icon on the right side of the list of reports. Click the wheel icon to view the available columns, then check or uncheck the columns as desired.

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