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The Manage tab of the Report Center displays your list of Scheduled Reports. These reports are first defined using the Build tab and then managed using the Manage tab.

  1. Select Reports from the left main menu.
  2. By default, the Build tab is displayed.
  3. Click the Manage tab. The Manage Scheduled Reports screen appears.

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Viewing Scheduled Reports

When you click the Manage tab, you see the list of reports that are scheduled to run regularly. The frequency of report runs varies by the type of report. As a best practice, considering indicating the frequency in the name of the report. In the following example, the report names end with (daily), (Thursdays), or (mid-month) to indicate the frequency.

You can sort this list of reports by any of the columns listed. Click the small arrows next to the column name. Select which columns to view using the settings wheel on the right side of column header.

Selecting Report Recipients

The Manage tab is the only place where you can specify who should receive the scheduled reports. The recipients are defined based on the type of report.

  1. Review the list of reports, particularly reports of the same type. All reports of the same type will go to the same recipient(s).

  2. Click Manage Email Recipients. The following screenshot shows that the email address AerisTechPubs@gmail.com will receive any report of type Device, Traffic Detail.

  3. To add additional recipients, select Click here to add recipient. A maximum of 10 email recipients can be designated per report type.
  4. Click Save email recipients when done.

Removing Email Recipients

You can also use the Configure Email Recipients box to remove recipients from the list. Clicking the trashcan icon in the row of the email address that you want to delete. Click Save email recipients after removing recipients from the list.

When Scheduled Reports are Generated

Scheduled Report generation begins at midnight GMT according to the selected frequency for the report. It is delivered to the designated set of Email Recipients once the report is complete. The download link provided in the email remains active for 5 days. After 5 days, the link expires.

Scheduled Reports that contain more than 1 million records in the output file are not viewable through Microsoft Excel. Excel cannot handle a file of this size and will tell you that “the file cannot be loaded.” In this case, consider using filters in the report definition to reduce the report into multiple smaller reports.

Scheduled Reports are recurring and will continue to be generated on schedule until the Scheduled Report definition is deleted.

Editing and Deleting Scheduled Reports

From the Manage tab, you can edit or delete individual reports.

To edit a scheduled report, click the pencil icon. The Scheduled Report Editor appears. This is the same editor as is used when Building a report. See Saving the Report as a Scheduled Report for information on using the editor.

To delete a scheduled report, click the trashcan icon.

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