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The Report Center provides tools to run reports and view data on the SIMs/devices in your account. Reports can provide information on the entire account, a specific group of devices, or a single device.

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The Report Center provides easy access to system-generated monthly reports and reports that you customize.

  • Monthly Reports: These reports are automatically generated by AerPort on a monthly basis. The number and type of reports you receive depends on your SIMs' capabilities and your account setup. These reports are available for download from AerPort. They are not emailed.
  • Manual Reports: These are reports you build from a library of predefined reports. You specify the scope of data you want to view and then generate the report. It is then emailed to you. You can try different reports to find the one that meets your needs and then schedule the report to be run regularly going forward.
  • Scheduled Reports: These are the list of reports that you created and that are scheduled to run and be delivered to a set of configured email recipients based on the selected report frequency.

Understanding the Report Center Tabs

The Report Center contains 5 tabs.

  • Build: This tab gives you access to manually customize a report from among a set of common report templates provided by AerPort. Use the blue boxes to make your selections and then click Generate Report to see the results.
  • Manual Reports: This tab gives you a list of all the custom reports you have built, along with the option to download the report.
  • Manage: This tab gives you a list of reports that are scheduled to run. You can modify the parameters of the report and designate the appropriate recipients of the report.
  • Scheduled Reports: This tab gives you a list of all the scheduled reports you have run, along with the option to download or email the report.
  • Monthly Reports: This tab gives you an easy way to select a particular month and then download the system-generated reports created by AerPort for that month.

In some cases, if you are requesting a report for back-dated data, you might need to request assistance from Support if AerPort is unable to produce the data from the Report Center.

Working with CSV Files in Microsoft Excel

The reports found in the Report Center and in other areas of the new portal are often available for download in CSV format. A CSV file is a text file with fields delineated by commas. You can double-click a CSV file to open it in whatever application your computer associates with CSV files. For many users, the default application is Microsoft Excel.

Note: When you select to download a file in CSV format, you must remain in the AerPort app in your browser until the file has downloaded completely.

If you open CSV files in Microsoft Excel, you may find the long numbers such as device IDs get converted to a format like scientific notation. To view these long numbers in full, you can simply select all those cells, right click, and select Format, then select Number format.

Alternatively, instead of double-clicking to open a CSV file, you can use the Microsoft Excel Data menu to import the file.

  1. Start Excel and create a blank workbook.
  2. Select the Data menu, then click From Text or From Text/CSV.
  3. Locate the CSV file in your Downloads or other designated folder, and click Import.
  4. Follow the prompts to specify a comma delimited file.
  5. If you see an option for Data Type Detection, select Do not detect data types.

Classic AerPort MyReports Compared to New Portal Report Center

If you are a frequent user of MyReports in Classic AerPort, the following table provides a map of Classic screens to New Portal screens.

Classic AerPort MyReports New Portal Reports
MyReports main screen (MyReports tab) Scheduled Reports tab
MyReports Monthly tab Monthly tab
MyReports Recent tab Manual Reports tab
MyReports Templates sub-tab Manage Scheduled Reports tab
MyReports Create template page Build tab, Save as Scheduled Report

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