Your Reports

The SIMs that you deploy in your IoT implementation generate volumes of valuable data. You can view and analyze the data from a variety of vantage points in AerPort.

  • The Reports section of AerPort gives you a Report Center in which access to build and generate reports on an account-level or device-level. It also provides an archive of monthly reports.
  • The SIMs section of Aerport gives you a quick glance at transaction listings, an audit trail, and total usage per device.
  • The Analytics section of AerPort gives you access to specialized reports on network utilization, pool utilization, and last network activity. These are called Business Performance Analytic reports, and they are included in the Essentials package that you can add to your connectivity subscription. These features provide analytics that help you fine-tune the performance of your IoT solution.

Billing reports are of special interest to all users, and it is important to understand the costs that accompany device state changes and usage. See Reports, Device States, and Billing for detailed information.

The Report Center is available by clicking Reports on the left main menu.

Once in the Report Center, use the five tabs along the top to build, manage, download, and view reports. See Report Center for more information.

The reports available to you consist of system-generated monthly reports and reports that you customize.

  • See Monthly Reports Tab for details on the predefined reports.
  • See Build Tab for details on how to create a custom report.
    • Custom reports are offered at the account-level and the device-level. See Report Types for details on each custom report.

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