Transaction History

At the conclusion of any operation which activates, suspends, cancels, or makes any other changes in bulk, the result is recorded in the Transaction History. AerPort also sends you an email once the operation is complete. This email will contain a transaction ID that allows you to identify and track the operation's status.

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The new portal in AerPort maintains a list of transactions performed on your SIMs.

  • By default, you see all the transactions from the last 30 days. Optionally select a particular Range of days.
  • Transactions are identified with a Transaction ID. This ID is referenced in the email sent to you by Aeris and is used as the name of the Export CSV file.
  • Transactions are sorted in order of the Last Updated column, with the most recent transaction at the top.
  • The Operation column indicates what type of transaction took place.
  • The Status column shows whether the transaction had errors or not.
  • The Devices columns show how many devices were uploaded, processed, and updated.
  • The Name column shows which user initiated the transaction.
  • Use the settings wheel on the right side to select which columns to show.

The Transaction History does not show any transactions initiated in Classic AerPort.

Viewing Transaction Details

Whether the transaction completed successfully or had errors, you can view the details in a exported CSV file. If the operation was successful on some devices but not others, you can use the CSV file to isolate which devices had errors.

  1. On the SIMs menu, select Transaction History.
  2. Click View Details to see the Bulk Action results from each transaction.
  3. Click Export CSV to view the detailed results for each SIM. The CSV file is automatically downloaded to your local drive in the default download folder.
  4. Open or import the CSV file into a spreadsheet.
    1. Column A is the Device ID.
    2. If the transaction was successful, the Result Message column will display "OK." If an error occurred, an error message or error code is provided.
    3. The remaining columns show the completion time and results.

Searching for Transactions

The Transaction History screen offers you the option to search for a particular transaction by searching for the transaction ID.

Transactions are identified with a Transaction ID. This ID is referenced in the email sent to you by Aeris.

You can copy and paste this ID into the search box to locate the transaction.

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