SIM Information

The SIMs in your account are accessible to you from the SIMs menu.

  • Selecting Manage SIMs displays a list of all the SIMs in your account, except for SIMs that have never been activated/provisioned.
  • Selecting Activate SIMs displays a list of all the SIMs in your account that have never been activated/provisioned, or that were previously activated and were later canceled.

After selecting the Manage SIMs menu item, a SIM list appears. Clicking on a SIM displays the SIM Information box.

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The SIM Information box displays a great deal of useful information about each SIM. You can test communication, edit the SIM attributes, block and unblock traffic, view device transactions, and create reports. However, please note that your ability to view information or make changes depends on the permissions defined for your username.

The header of the SIM Information box displays the main identifier of the SIM:

  • If the SIM has no name, the header displays the ICCID by default.

  • If the SIM has a name, the header displays the Name by default.

  • If the SIM is from the Global eSIM product, the header displays the EID, the Active service profile, and the SIM name or ICCID.

You can click the Refresh icon next to the SIM Name or ICCID at any time to refresh the display.

Using the SIM Information Box Tabs

The SIM Information box is organized with tabs.

  1. Select Manage SIMs from the SIMs menu.
  2. Find the SIM you want to view in the SIM list and click it. The SIM Information box appears.
  3. By default, the Network tab is displayed.
  4. Click Settings or Report to view additional information and functionality.

  5. To close the SIM Information box, click the X in the upper right corner of the box, or click outside the box.

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