- Settings Tab

The Settings tab of the SIM Information box displays the current Status and Profile; displays the current Network Services; provides identifiers of the SIM; allows you to edit attributes; and displays an Audit Trail of recent transactions.

  1. Select Manage SIMs from the SIMs menu.
  2. Find the SIM you want to view in the SIM list and click it. The SIM Information box appears.
  3. By default, the Network tab is displayed.
  4. Click the Settings tab.

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Viewing and Editing the Status and Profile of Your SIM

From the Settings tab, you can view and edit the Status, Service Profile, and Rate Plan.

Blue buttons indicate that you can change the selection. Simply click the button or pencil icon to view a drop-down of choices.

Blocking and Unblocking Network Services

From the Settings tab, you can view and edit the status of network traffic going to and from your SIM. This is also known as Traffic Policy.

  • Click Blocked to stop services.
  • Click On to re-enable services.

Once you apply the traffic policy, the time that it takes for the traffic block or unblock to be effective varies depending on the service:




Up to 8 minutes


None (block/unblock is immediate)


None (block/unblock is immediate)

Note: You cannot unblock traffic that is not included your SIM's service profile. For example, if the SIM's service profile does not include voice, voice traffic is automatically blocked and you cannot unblock it with this command.

Viewing Device/SIM Information and Rate Plan Details

From the Settings tab, you can view details and identifiers for your SIM, Allowed APN(s), Rate Plan, and Pool. There may be one or two Allowed APNs.

For information about pools, see Pool Utilization Report.

Viewing and Editing Extended and Custom Attributes

From the Settings tab, you can view and edit the Device Name, Firmware and Hardware Notes, Report Group, and Custom Fields.

Simply click Edit to see the Change Extended and Custom Attributes box, then make your changes and click Save.

Viewing an Audit Trail of SIM Activity

From the Settings tab, you can view an Audit Trail of activities and changes associated with the SIM, along with the date of the activity.

The Audit Trail lists SIM activities like recent status changes or modifications to rate plans. The table includes the Technology, SIM ID, Date, Type of change, the Value/result of the change, and the user associated with the change.

  • You may see a user named "nrtfeed@aeris.net" associated with status changes. NRT refers to Near Real Time. The NRT feed processor is responsible for ingesting the data feeds from devices and performing routine activities. IMEI updates are one example of an automated change; this information is related to security because it indicates whether a SIM was removed from one device and placed into another. IMEI updates are available for users with this feature enabled for their account.
  • You may see a user named "aerbill_device_defaultin" associated with status changes. This user is shown when there is an automatic transition to a status of Bill from a status of Provision or Suspend. This is called an Automated State Transition. To learn more about a SIM's lifecyle and its state transitions, see Device States and Billing.

Here are some activities you might see in the Audit Trail:

  • Status change to Provision
  • Status change to Bill
  • Status change to Cancel
  • Rate plan change
  • Service profile change
  • IMEI update

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