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When a SIM is activated, it is assigned the attributes you specify. You can make changes to many of those attributes during the lifecycle of the SIM, whether the SIM is provisioned, billed, or suspended. However, please note that your ability to make changes depends on the permissions defined for your username.

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Editable SIM Attributes:


The following table displays whether you can edit a SIM based on its product and status.

Product Type Activated Billed Suspended Canceled
Dual-Mode A-LH Yes Yes Yes. No
Fusion Global Yes Yes Yes No
Fusion NA Yes Yes No No
Global eSIM Yes Yes Yes No
Global SIM Yes Yes Yes No
Prepaid Cannot change Rate Plan or Pool Name Yes Not applicable No
Self Serve SIM Yes Yes Yes No

Editing a SIM Using the Actions Menu

When you select Manage SIMs from the menu, you see a list of all of the SIMs in your account, except for SIMs that have never been activated/provisioned.

  1. Select Manage SIMs from the SIMs menu.
  2. Click the check box next to a SIM in the SIM list.
  3. Click the Actions menu and select the attribute you want to change. See Device Status, Traffic Policy, Service Profile, Rate Plan and Pool Name, and Extended and Custom Attributes below for details on the attributes.
  4. Click Save.
  5. After you submit the action, the change is made immediately and is visible in AerPort.

The Transaction History is not updated for changes to only one SIM.

Editing Many SIMs at Once Using the Actions Menu

Using the SIM list, you can select more than one SIM and edit all of them at once from the Actions menu.

  • If you select SIMs that are all provisioned with the same product, you can change any attribute on the SIMs.
  • If you select SIMs that are provisioned with different products, your options are more limited. Attributes such as service profile and rate plan are defined differently for each product, so you can change those in bulk only when you have selected SIMs from only one product.

On the following screen, SIMs from products Global eSIM, Fusion NA, and Dual-Mode A-LH are selected. With these three SIMs selected, you can change:

  • Device status
  • Traffic policy
  • Custom attributes
  • Extended attributes, all except "Current location"

Reminder: In the example below, you cannot change "Rate plan and pool name," "Service profile," or "Current location" (inside "Attributes") because those are product-specific attributes. If you try to change one of these product-specific attributes, AerPort may attempt to apply your selection to the SIM(s) that are eligible for it. For example, with the three SIMs selected as shown below, if you were to change the Service profile to a particular profile for an eSIM, AerPort will apply the change only to the SIMs that are product of the Global eSIM product.

  1. Select Manage SIMs from the SIMs menu.
  2. Click the check box next to multiple SIMs in the SIM list.
  3. Click the Actions menu and select the attribute you want to change. See Device Status, Traffic Policy, Rate Plan and Pool Name, Service Profile, and Extended and Custom Attributes below for details on the attributes.
  4. Click Save.
  5. After you save the change, you see the Device Updates box, containing the transaction ID.

  6. Close this box and go to the Transaction History menu item to review the status of the operation.

Using Export All from the Actions Menu

The Actions menu offers an Export option. You can export all data currently shown on the SIM list.

There is no need to use the check boxes to select which SIMs will be exported. Simply select the appropriate product, status, rate plan, and service profile from the blue boxes to display the SIMs you want to export.

  • Export all as CSV

Editing SIM Attributes from the SIM Information Box

Some attributes are available for editing from within the SIM Information box.

  1. Select Manage SIMs from the SIMs menu.
  2. Find the SIM you want to edit in the SIM list and click it. The SIM Information box appears.
  3. Select the Settings tab, and observe that you can edit the Status, Service Profile, Rate Plan, and Extended and Custom Attributes from this tab.
  4. You can block or unblock data, SMS, or voice services from the Network Services section.
  5. Click the appropriate Edit label, pencil icon, or radiobutton to make changes.

Note: Your ability to make changes depends on the permissions defined for your username. For example, if you do not have permission to edit a SIM, fields such as "Status" and "Service Profile" are greyed out.

For more information on the SIM Information box, click here.

Device Status

Change a SIM's current status by selecting the desired status from the drop-down menu then clicking Save.

Change Device Status Dialog

The statuses that are available for selection will vary depending on the current state of your SIM. Note that SIM state changes become effective immediately. Read about the various SIM states here.


Available States


Bill, Cancel


Suspend, Cancel


Bill (Unsuspend), Cancel

  • Fusion NA and Dual-Mode A-LH SIMs in the Suspended state are not able to pass any traffic.
  • Fusion NA SIMs cannot be modified in a Suspended state.
  • SIMs on a prepaid billing plan cannot be placed into a Suspended state.

Traffic Policy

Traffic Policy refers to the action applied to a SIM to control its traffic. Traffic blocking allows you to "Block" packet data, SMS, and/or voice services without having to suspend or cancel your device.

From this window, you can apply a traffic block or remove a block if one is already applied.
Edit Traffic Policy
If you select more than one SIM and then select the Traffic Policy action, the window displays as follows.
Edit Traffic Policy Multiple

Once you apply the traffic policy, the time that it takes for the traffic block or unblock to be effective varies depending on the service:




Up to 8 minutes


None (Block/Unblock is immediate)


None (Block/Unblock is immediate)

Note: You cannot choose to unblock traffic that is not included your SIM's service profile. For example, if the SIM's service profile does not include voice, voice traffic is automatically blocked and you cannot unblock it with this command.

Rate Plan and Pool Name

To change your device's Rate plan or Pool name, you also need to select an Effective date.

Not all SIMs have a pool associated with them. For those that do, the assigned Pool name can be changed only through the Actions menu.

By default, rate plans are in effect for a full billing cycle, and changes become effective at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

However, your service agreement will tell you if it is possible to change the rate plan sometime during a billing cycle. This is a Mid Cycle Rate Plan (MCRP) change option. You can specify an effective date for changes to the rate plan if your account has an MCRP option. This option allows you to set the date that the new rate plan will be enforced. The earliest effective date for a change is tomorrow and the latest is 60 days from today.

The MCRP option is not available for devices on a prepaid billing plan.

Note: For Fusion NA SIMs, the rate plan is tied to the RAT Type that was used when the SIMs were provisioned.

Edit Rate Plan and Pool Name Dialog

Service Profile

Select a service profile name for your SIM from the drop-down menu. Note that when changing the service name, the new service name must be of the same carrier as the current service name.

Note: For Fusion NA SIMs, the service profile name choices will change based on the RAT Type that was used when the SIM was provisioned.

Change Service Profile

A warning appears, indicating the consequences of the action. For example, the registration is cancelled and you may not able to communicate with the SIM for the next 90 minutes (maximum).

Service Name Change Warning Dialog

Click Save to continue the process of changing the Service Name.

Extended and Custom Attributes

Use the Attributes option to store any other information related to your device.

  • Device name
  • Current location
  • Report group number
  • Device hardware version
  • Device firmware version
  • Custom fields 1-5

Edit Custom Attributes Dialog

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