Account Status Dashboard

The Dashboard tracks your account activity and displays data usage and cost trends in easy-to-digest graphics. This enables you to quickly grasp standard usage and billing activity for your account.

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The Dashboard screen is available from the main Aerport Portal menu. Selecting Dashboard takes you to the main Dashboard screen that provides overviews of the following for your account:

  • Data usage trends
  • Billing trends
  • SIM devices

You can filter Dashboard information by specifying accounts, devices, or dates.

Understanding the Dashboard

The Dashboard is divided into four widgets that break down the following major aspects of your account activity:

The SIMs Available bar above the Dashboard widgets records the number of SIMs that you can activate in your account.


The Overview widget contains a chart that tracks the total number of devices in your account and categorizes them based on whether they are:

  • Provisioned: Reachable through the Aeris network services and can transmit data. Transmitted data is charged at an overage rate. Provisioned SIMS are considered Active.
  • Billed: Accessible through the Aeris network services and charged on a monthly basis. Billed SIMS are considered Active.
  • Suspended: Reachable through the Aeris network services and can transmit data. Transmitted data is charged at an overage rate. Suspended SIMS are typically considered Active.

The Overview widget includes a drop-down menu that enables you to switch between overviews of Non-eSIM and eSIM devices in your account.


The Billing widget provides a high-level view of your monthly charges and projected charges for the current month based on usage to date. The projected amounts are based on month-to-date charges extrapolated to the remaining days of the current month and lags by one to two days.

Note: Future events that may stray from the month-to-date averages or trends, such as planned upticks in usage associated with application updates, are not reflected in the projected numbers.

The chart summarizes your account charges by monthly recurring cost (MRC) and by service type. For example, data charges in the chart only represent charges that are not already included in your MRC or Access Fees (e.g., data charges that occur when a SIM consumes more data than provided for by its assigned rate plan).

The chart displays the following charge categories:

  • MRC: Monthly recurring costs.
  • Data: Amount of consumed data that exceeded your plan.
  • SMS: Amount of SMS used beyond the limits of your plan.
  • Voice: Amount of Voice used beyond the limits of your plan.

Hover over a specific month to view a breakdown of the charges.

You can also filter charges displayed in the widget by date or charge type. To filter by date, click the date drop-down menu and select the timeframe you want to view.

To filter by charge type, select the category you want to view from the top of the widget.

For more information on your account charges, click View Billing at the top right of the widget.


The Usage widget displays the aggregate consumption for each service that your SIMs are using:

  • Data
  • SMS
  • Voice

To view the aggregate consumption for a specific service, select a service at the top of the widget.

You can also adjust the displayed period by selecting a timeframe from the drop-down list of dates.

To view further usage details, click View Usage at the top right of the widget.

Top Data Usage

The Top Data Usage widget displays the devices in your account that have sent or received the most data over the last three days.

To view a device in more detail or perform basic SIM operations, click the device's MSISDN to view the SIM Information box.

Note: You can also access the SIM Information page through the Manage SIMs page. See Manage SIMs for further details.

For more information on your devices, click View Devices. Click Create Reports to generate a report based on the device(s) shown in the widget.

Account Selection and Device Search

The Dashboard has two navigation tools at the top of the screen that enable you to locate and access specific device information, activity, and diagnostic tools.

To locate a device:

  1. Select a device identifier from the Device Search drop-down menu:
    • EID
    • ICCID
    • IMEI
    • IMSI
    • MSISDN
    • Static IP

    Note: When searching for an EID, you can enter the full 32-digit ID or the last five digits of the EID.

  2. Input the device information in the search field.
  3. Click the search icon or press Enter to open a SIM information window with further details about the device.

The device search feature can only locate devices with a status of Provisioned, Billed, or Suspended. It cannot locate devices that were canceled never activated.

Note: In some cases, when you enter a device ID, more than one result is displayed in the device list. This is the case for devices with more than one SIM.

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