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AerPort offers the Network Status in the left menu bar to provide a quick and easy view of the availability of different network product offerings.

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Viewing the Network Status

Click Network Status to view a list with the real-time status of the Aeris connectivity services for your account. Only the services that are active in your account are shown.

Network Status Link icon

When you see the green word "Operational," the service is up and working as expected. Other status possibilities are as follows:

Network Status Possible Icons

Note that the network status for Fusion Global HD is the same as for Fusion Global.

Connectivity Service Status

Clicking on any service in this view will open a new tab which shows the Connectivity Service Status page where additional details are available, such as the incident history. Scroll down the page for additional information, such as upcoming Scheduled Maintenance.

Alternatively, you can access the status page directly using the link

Connectivity Status Home Page

In addition to service status, the status page provides information about scheduled maintenance at least one month in advance, along with the date, time, and respective timezone so that you can manage your IoT implementation accordingly. The page also shows details of any ongoing incidents and lists past network incidents.

Subscribe to Updates

The Connectivity Service Status page allows you to subscribe to receive updates, maintenance notifications, and new incident reports. The frequency that updates and notifications are sent varies based on the type of notification method selected:

  • Email: Get email notifications when the Connectivity Service Status creates, updates, or resolves an incident.
  • SMS: Get text message notifications when the Connectivity Service Status creates or resolves an incident.
  • Webhook: Get webhook notifications when the Connectivity Service Status creates, updates, or resolves an incident, or when it changes a component status.

To set up notifications, click Subscribe to Updates on the status page. After selecting the notification method, then select the individual network capability of the connectivity service to receive updates for.

Subscribe to Updates

To unsubscribe to any notifications, simply select the notification method and enter the email address or phone number used to originally subscribe. A subscription management page will appear which allows the current subscriptions to be modified.

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